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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: September 27, 2021

This LINXX Privacy Notice (the “Notice”) explains how your personal data is collected and processed when you access and use the website available at (the “Website”).


We kindly ask you to read this Notice carefully before using the Website and providing us any personal data.


1.  Contact Information

The Website is operated by LINXX PTE. LTD. (“we”, “our”, “us”).

You may contact us by email at:

With respect to the personal data collected on the Website we act as a data controller.


2.  What Personal Data We Collect

We may collect and process your personal information when you:

a.              make a purchase on the Website (“Purchase Data”);

b.              contact us via the Website or contact details available on the Website (“Contact Data”);

c.              agree to receive updates or marketing emails from us (“Marketing Data”); or

d.              access and browse the Website (“Website Data”).

Such personal data is collected and processed as follows:


2.1.      Purchase Data

While making a purchase on the Website you provide us with your billing and shipping information. Such information is necessary to purchase and deliver the products available on the Website. If you do not provide us with the necessary Purchase Data, we would not be able to process your order and fulfil a contract with you. The Purchase Data includes the following……

To process the order made on the Website, we use a third-party solution With respect to the information provided on the Website, is deemed our processor, meaning that it will process your personal data in accordance with our instructions and/or applicable legislation.

The Purchase Data will be stored and processed by, however, in order to process your order, we will store and process only the following Purchase Data provided by you:

a.             last 4 digits of the payment card;

b.             CVV;

c.             cardholder’s name;

d.             billing address; and

e.             shipping address.

We are able to retrieve from all other information provided by you, however, we will do that only if it is reasonably necessary, for example, to comply with the legislation requirements or assist you with your inquiry.


2.2.      Contact Data

When you contact us via the Website or contact details available on the Website, you may provide us with the following data……

2.3.      Marketing Data

On the Website you may be allowed to subscribe to receiving emails from us with news and updates about Website and Products. By providing your email in the respective field of the Website, you provide your consent to receive respective emails from us and our affiliates (meaning companies that control, under common control with, or controlled by us). Your data will be processed as follows……


You may always unsubscribe from receiving marketing emails by (a) contacting us or (b) clicking the unsubscribe button available within each marketing email we send you. When you unsubscribe from receiving marketing emails, your Marketing Data will be erased from the respective database.


2.4.      Website Data

When you visit the Website, certain personal data is collected automatically. At first, when you access the Website, you must indicate your country of residence. This is necessary to determine whether you can order our products from the country where you are located. The legal basis for processing such data is legitimate interest to determine whether you are available to make a purchase on the Website.


Certain personal data is collected automatically when you access and browse the Website. Most of the Website Data is collected via cookie technology. Cookies are small text files that we place on your computer while you visit us. The data stored in cookies uses identificators unique to your device, so we are able to identify the exact device. Please note, that you are able to customise cookies manually and disable any/all of them with your browser settings.


The following data is collected automatically when you access and use the Website:


Google Analytics

This type of cookie allows us to better understand users’ behaviour on the Website, e.g., how many users visited the Website, how long they stayed, and how they interact with the Website and its content.

The information gathered by Google Analytics includes the following: (1) IP address, (2) the type of device used, (3) the device’s operating system, (4) the browser used. The IP address of the user is anonymised (masked).

After collecting the aforementioned personal data, Google Analytics creates reports about the use of the Website, which contain the aggregated information where we do not see any data pertaining to a particular person. In other words, we cannot identify you from the other visitors.

Google Analytics prescribes users with the unique, randomly generated string that will allow them to further associate concrete users with their computers, but only for single browsing sessions.

As a general rule, the cookie expiration period is limited to each browsing session and expires after the finish of such. For more information, please refer to Google Analytics Privacy documentation.

Note that competent US state authorities may have access to the personal data collected via Google Analytics. In addition, Google may use this personal data for any of its own purposes, such as profiling and cross-platform tracking.

The legal basis for processing such data is your consent.


Shopify Analytics

This type of cookie allows us to analyse the Website speed and transaction analysis.

Shopify Analytics creates reports based on specific metrics including: average order value, online store conversion rate (it shows the percentage of sessions that lead to an order), online store sessions by device type, online store sessions by location, online store sessions by traffic source, online store sessions from social source, repeat customer rate, sales by POS location, sales by social source, sales by staff, sales by traffic source, top landing pages, top products by units sold, top referrers by sessions, total online store sessions, total orders, total sales, sales attributed to marketing. Similarly to Google Analytics, Shopify Analytics the expiration period for cookies is limited to one session. Also, the session may end after 30 minutes without activity.

For more information, please refer to Shopify Analytics privacy documentation.

The legal basis for processing such data is your consent. is a third-party solution that helps us to set up an affiliate program. This solution provides affiliate marketing services via affiliates who share LINXX products with their followers on social media platforms or blogs. Users may use an affiliate link to purchase LINXX products.

With we are able to identify that a particular Website user was referred to us from our affiliate. In this case we may collect your name and email address.

The legal basis for processing such data is our legitimate interest to maintain our affiliate network.



3.  How We Share Your Personal Data

We do not sell or rent out your personal data. However, we may share your personal data if it is reasonably necessary for the performance of our undertakings with you (process your order) and/or our legitimate interest to maintain and develop the Website. In particular, your personal information is shared with the following categories of recipients:

a.              our affiliates;

b.              our subcontractors and team members, e.g., support team, technical team, etc.;

c.              third-party solutions integrated in the Website, e.g., solutions enabling to make the purchase, chat functionality, etc.;

d.              shipping companies, in order to deliver you the products ordered on the Website;

e.              payment institutions that process payments on the Website;

f.               marketing email solutions, such as Klaviyo or any other solution we may use;

g.              government institutions that may request access to your personal data.

Please note that we and the aforementioned recipients are located in jurisdictions which do not ensure the same level of data protection as the country of your residence. We will endeavour to protect your personal data while it is processed, stored, or transferred.

If and to the extent we are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation, when we transfer personal data to a country that does not ensure the same level of data protection as the country of your residence, we will use additional safeguards, namely, Standard Contractual Clauses.


4. How Long Do We Store Your Personal Data

As a general rule, we store your data as long as it is necessary for the purposes it was collected and according to the requirements of the applicable legislation. Following the expiration of the storage period, such data will be either erased or anonymised. In particular, your personal data will be processed as follows:

a.              Purchase Data is processed as long as it is necessary under the requirements of the applicable legislation. According to the laws of Singapore, such data is stored for the period of 4 years from the date it was collected.

b.              Contact Data is processed for the period of 1 year following our contact with you.

c.              Marketing Data is stored until you remain subscribed to our newsletter. You may unsubscribe from receiving marketing emails in accordance with paragraph 2.3 above.

d.              Website Data is stored during the applicable cookie storage period as described in paragraph 2.4 above. You may also learn more about such data in paragraph 2.4 above and on the websites of the applicable third parties.


5.  Your Rights

According to the applicable data protection legislation you may have the following data protection rights:

a.              right to access:

You are able to request access to your personal data that we store about you. Among other you may ask us regarding:

●      the purposes for collecting personal information about you;

●      categories of personal information concerned;

●      who receives your personal information or categories of such recipients;

●      how long we are going to store the information about you and if not possible criteria to determine the storage period;

●      when your personal information was obtained not from you directly, the source where it came from;

●      the existence of either profiling activities or automated decision making based on your personal information. Where such activities are performed, we should also inform you about importance, and expected consequences of them;

●      copy of your personal information processing. For such requests further we may charge you with a reasonable fee. We generally provide users with the electronic copy of their personal information unless they request otherwise.

b.             right to rectification:

You have the right to correct inaccurate (for example, old or incorrect) personal information related to you.

c.              right to erasure or the right to be forgotten:

You have, under certain circumstances, the right to request erasure of your personal information. Please note, that this right only applies to the data available at the time of request and is not applicable for the future data.

Request to erasure of personal information is possible when:

●      personal information is no longer needed for the purposes it was primarily collected or processed;

●      when you have already withdrawn your consent for processing your personal data, and we do not have other legal ground to process it;

●      when your personal data is processed under legitimate interest and you object to such legal ground. Moreover, there is no overriding legitimate interest to proceed processing of your personal data;

●      your personal information was unlawfully processed;

●      when your personal data has to be erased due to legal obligation.

d.             right to restrict processing:

You may request us to stop processing your personal information when:

●      you have reasonable doubts that your information is accurate, and we are verifying the accuracy of such information;

●      your personal information was unlawfully processed;

●      the purpose of your personal information collection no longer exists, but you wish to store it longer to defend a legal claim.

Moreover, you may request us to stop processing your personal data while we are working on a rectification request or request to object processing of your personal information.

e.              right to data portability:

You have the right to obtain from us and further reuse your personal data for your own purposes within other services. You will also be able to transfer your personal information from one IT environment to another in a safe and secure way, when certain conditions apply, such as:

●      processing is based on your consent or needed for the performance of a contract with you;

●      the processing is made only electronically, without any paper-based files included.

f.               right to object:

You have the right to object processing of your personal information at any time. This allows you to prevent us from (stop) processing your personal information. This right applies only when one of the following conditions are met:

●      your personal information is used for direct marketing purposes;

●      the processing is based on our legitimate interest;

●      we are performing tasks carried out for the public interest or by governmental authority;

●      your personal information was processed for either research or statistical purposes.

g.             right not to be subject to automated decision making and profiling:

Currently, neither we nor the Website uses your personal data for profiling or decisions made solely by automated means.

h.             right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority:

You have a right to lodge a complaint with a data protection authority in a country you either reside, permanently live, work or in a country where data protection infringement takes place.


6.  Personal Information of Minors

Website is not intended for the use of children (under 18 years old or older, if the country of your residence determines a higher age restriction). We do not knowingly market to, or solicit data from children. We do not knowingly process, collect, or use personal data of children, and in case we receive such data, we will erase it within a reasonable timeframe.


7. Revisions

We keep this Notice under regular review and may update it at any time. If we make any changes to this document, we will change the “Last Updated” data above. Please, review this Notice regularly, or follow the updates on the Website.


[End of Document.]

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